Grady Courthouse elevator repairs moving along

Erik Yabor/Times-EnterpriseA repair crew works inside the elevator shaft in the Grady County courthouse

CAIRO — Work crews are on track to complete needed repairs to the Grady County courthouse elevator within the next four weeks, County Administrator Buddy Johnson said Tuesday.

“They’re working on that day-in and day-out,” Johnson said.

Issues with the elevator had previously led to concerns that some court activities would have to be suspended to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but Johnson has stated that he is unaware of any Superior Court business that was canceled in relation to the issue.

2020年欧洲杯赛程详细时间The ADA mandates that government buildings be accessible to individuals with disabilities, such as those who would require an elevator to reach the second floor, where courtroom activities take place.

To work around the issue, several closed circuit televisions that provide a feed of second-floor courtroom action were placed in the commissioner’s board room on the ground floor. Johnson has stated that several individuals have used the televisions, which were purchased by the law library.

2020年欧洲杯赛程详细时间Still, the presence of the televisions has been an irritating one for Johnson, who said he hopes for a quick resolution to the repairs.

“The sooner the better, because these TVs are driving me crazy,” he said.

The repairs involve cutting the existing 30-foot elevator shaft into manageable sections and replacing each piece one at a time.

County commissioners voted in November to move forward with spending as much as $32,400 for the repairs.

Three individuals were trapped in the courthouse elevator on the ground floor earlier that month. A fire rescue team safely removed the group fairly quickly, but the elevator has not been functional since.